With the installation of all new LED Sports Lighting this year, Red Rock Country Club is now able to host night matches meeting the standards for ATP and WTA events on stadium court.  This new indirect technology distributes light more evenly across the courts using mirrors inside the fixtures with a reduced glare since the light shoots up into the fixture rather then directly down onto the court.  “It’s literally night & day from what we had before with absolutely no dark patches or blotching on any of the courts”  says tournament director Mike Copenhaver.  The new lights are averaging around 70 foot-candles on all the side courts and 100 foot-candles on stadium.  The wattage used in the tennis complex has been reduced by 70-80% while more than doubling the average foot-candles on side courts and nearly tripling it on stadium.  “We are extremely excited to have night matches this year and should look phenomenal with the live streaming” says Mike Copenhaver.


Click HERE to view the tentative match schedule.  The order of play and draws will be posted just prior to the start of qualifying rounds.  Marquee night matches will start no earlier than 5:00PM Tuesday-Friday.